Di-ddofi ar waith – adfer cynefinoedd a rhywogaethau,
cysylltu pobl gyda natur a mannau gwyllt

On moonlit moors, beneath sunny glades, in leafy woods and by fern fringed rivers, a wild landscape awaits. Red squirrels in the treetops, wild horses on the hills, water voles by the riverbank, pine martens slinking down tree trunks. Follow trails through the Wildwood, and camp under the stars. This will be the Cambrian Wildwood, a place to immerse yourself in nature, a retreat for animals and people.

Wales Wild Land Foundation is a visionary organisation, which refuses to accept that the natural world needs to remain devastated and almost bereft of life. Its intention to buy and rewild a large area of land in Wales is one I strongly support. I believe it will make our world richer and more enchanting, and will help repopulate it with wonder and delight.

George Monbiot

Patron, Author and Campaigner


We are delighted to announce that Bwlch Corog was acquired in May 2017 for Cambrian Wildwood. Woodland will be restored and wildlife returned to the 350 acre site. For more information on Bwlch Corog click on button just below.

Konik Horses

Cambrian Wildwood has recently become home to several beautiful Konik horses from the Wildwood Trust, with more due to arrive soon.

How you can help

We are continuing to raise money to buy land for Cambrian Wildwood, to establish a substantial area for wildlife. Watch our fundraising appeal video with Sue Jones-Davies and George Monbiot to find out why and how you could help.