Beavers and boars, eagles and ospreys, water voles and wild horses. Lots of amazing creatures have become very rare in the British landscape, or are missing altogether. Many animals could reasonably be brought back to our wild spaces, and we will be investigating the feasibility for reintroducing some species to our land if they are unlikely to recolonise naturally.

Here are descriptions of many of the animals native to Britain, along with their cultural significance in Wales. Reintroduction of any of the large carnivores – bear, wolf and lynx – is well beyond the scope of Cambrian Wildwood, and we consider that the Cambrian Mountains, with a predominance of livestock, is unsuited to such a programme. All the other species are potential candidates for introduction to our land, and over the long term we will carry out detailed studies into the potential, considering each species individually on its own merits.