Many of the skills that enabled us to live in balance with our world and connected to the cycles of nature have been lost. Nature connection activities are about re-awakening these truly human skills and mind sets, utilising them once more in our everyday lives, to bring meaning and fulfilment back to our routines. These include basic life skills, such as growing food, bushcraft and foraging; and recovering our connection through mindfulness, a rooting in the physical world over the virtual, and of course time spent in wild environments, living in and being with nature, being a truly integrated part of it, rather than a detached spectator.


Overview of activities:

Recovering the skills to live –

bushcraft and survival skills;

growing of food for subsistence;

collecting food from the wild;

traditional crafts and building skills.


Recovering the ability to connect, to live in the present moment –

meditation and other mindfulness practices;

absorption in skillful activities;

focus on real life instead of abstractions and virtual reality;

pushing our boundaries, stepping out of our comfort zones, accepting challenge.


Recovering a connection to the rest of the natural world –

spending time in wild, natural places;

observing wild nature;

living and working in natural surroundings.